Title: Industry X.0
Author: Eric Schaeffer
Publisher: Redline Verlag (8 May 2017)
Short Description: 
Die Auswirkungen von digitaler Revolution und Internet der Dinge haben die Industrieunternehmen rund um den Globus mit großer Wucht erfasst. Das Schlagwort »Industrie 4.0« spiegelt diese Entwicklung. Viele Unternehmen stehen vor großen Herausforderungen und Entscheidungen.


Längst aber geht diese Revolution weiter. Industrie X.0 ist das erste Buch, das die rasanten digital getriebenen Disruptionsprozesse im industriellen Sektor umfassend betrachtet. Auf Basis neuester Studien bringt es auf den Punkt, welchen Herausforderungen sich Industrieunternehmen grundsätzlich zu stellen haben – schon heute. Erläutert mit einer Fülle von konkreten Beispielen und entlang der zentralen Themen wie etwa Smart Data, digitale Produktentwicklung und Innovation oder Plattformsysteme, liefert es zudem konkrete Anleitungen für Unternehmen, um auch im anbrechenden digitalen Zeitalter erfolgreich zu sein.

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Title: TOP 100 2016: Wegbereiter
Author: Ranga Yogeshwar
Publisher: Redline Verlag
ISBN: 978-3868816372
Short Description: Vor allem für mittelständische Unternehmen gilt: Nur wer Trends rechtzeitig erkennt und sinnvoll nutzt, hat eine Chance auf Erfolg. Benchmarker Compamedia und Herausgeber Ranga Yogheswar vergleichen und prämieren die zukunftsorientiertesten, innovativsten Mittelständler des Jahres 2016 und stellen die fortschrittlichsten Unternehmen Deutschlands in Porträts vor. Dazu gibt Jochen Schweizer Tipps für ein erfolgreiches Selbstmanagement im Alltag, Claudia Helming erläutert, weshalb DaWanda, ihr Onlineshop für Selbstgemachtes, den Nerv der Zeit getroffen hat, Martin Schneider hat sich auf die spannende Suche nach Flops aus dem Labor, wie zum Beispiel Penicillin und Tesafilm, gemacht, die aus unserem Leben nicht mehr wegzudenken sind u.v.m.


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Title: Innovation Excellance - Creating Market Success in the Energy and Natural Resources Sectors
Author: Dr. Stephan Scholtissek
Publisher: Kogan Page Ltd
ISBN: 978-0749463465
Short Description: In this book, author Stephan Scholtissek examines innovations as they relate to companies in the energy and natural resources sectors (e.g. energy, utilities, chemicals, mining and metals companies), sectors which are incorrectly assumed not to be innovative and which are undergoing massive change as the balance of power shifts towards emerging economies and as the world looks to a range of low carbon technologies. Scholtissek argues that innovation (strictly defined as the sum of invention and market success) is the only answer for competitive success in a multi polar world where the essential ingredients of business can no longer be used to differentiate companies. He states that companies must be restructured to be run as portfolios of innovations. Scholtissek sheds light on different forms of innovation (product, service, process, organization and business model) and argues that R&D resources must be extended across all these forms. And he includes a number of detailed case studies from the energy and natural resources industries that demonstrate leading practice. The book will also address an end-to-end innovation process/framework that helps the innovation process run more smoothly. It will also include the key success factors that increase the likelihood of success of an innovation in a given company. Finally the author draws conclusions regarding the future of innovation. The goal is to provide the reader with a holistic approach to increasing the success of innovation in his/her company.

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Title: Tesla: Inventor of the Electrical Age
W. Bernard Carlson 
Publisher: FinanzBuch Verlag
ISBN: 978-0691165615
Short Description: Nikola Tesla was a major contributor to the electrical revolution that transformed daily life at the turn of the twentieth century. His inventions, patents, and theoretical work formed the basis of modern AC electricity, and contributed to the development of radio and television. Like his competitor Thomas Edison, Tesla was one of America's first celebrity scientists, enjoying the company of New York high society and dazzling the likes of Mark Twain with his electrical demonstrations. An astute self-promoter and gifted showman, he cultivated a public image of the eccentric genius. Even at the end of his life when he was living in poverty, Tesla still attracted reporters to his annual birthday interview, regaling them with claims that he had invented a particle-beam weapon capable of bringing down enemy aircraft.


Plenty of biographies glamorize Tesla and his eccentricities, but until now none has carefully examined what, how, and why he invented. In this groundbreaking book, W. Bernard Carlson demystifies the legendary inventor, placing him within the cultural and technological context of his time, and focusing on his inventions themselves as well as the creation and maintenance of his celebrity. Drawing on original documents from Tesla's private and public life, Carlson shows how he was an "idealist" inventor who sought the perfect experimental realization of a great idea or principle, and who skillfully sold his inventions to the public through mythmaking and illusion.


This major biography sheds new light on Tesla's visionary approach to invention and the business strategies behind his most important technological breakthroughs.


Available in German and English




Title: Hacked Again
Scott N. Schober 
Publisher: Scottschober.com Publishing
ISBN: 978-0996902212
Short Description: Hacked Again is a very open book about one tech security expert's real life battles with his company being the target of hackers. It is ironic, yes that even a top wireless security tech firm could be infiltrated by hackers, but this just goes to show how it can happen to anyone if they are not careful enough.


The book is separated into four parts, the first part being all about the actual hack that was the inspiration for the book. The author goes into great about the attack, and outlines for the user all the steps that he had to go through in order to undue all that had been done by the hacker. It really opens up the eyes of the user and brings the severity of a cyber-attack into a perspective that one can easily understand.


The second and third parts of the book explain in detail about the steps that people can take to protect themselves and stay safe into the future. He describes all the methods that hackers use to trap people on the internet and steal information in order to hack their accounts. Then, after describing all of the possible ways that hackers try to trick people, the author then goes over how to avoid the tricks, and what some of the warning signs are when someone is trying to hack you.


In the final part of the book, the author talks about real life hacks that have happened companies all around the world, and not just small companies, but big companies like Sony and Apple. This section really puts into perspective how even the big guys are not invulnerable to hackers.


Hacked Again is a great book for anyone who is looking to learn more about how hackers work and how to protect yourself against them. The advice given by the author in this book can be used by anyone, from private individuals, to SMEs, and all the way up to large corporations. What you read in this book will be informative, easy to understand, and stay with you for years to come.


Available in English