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At the upcoming 2. Turkish-German Innovation Summit in Istanbul, the GSC is lucky enough to partner with companies like Festo AG and OstContact to create discussions on the future of the manufacturing industry. OstConatct, our media partner, is determined to spread the word of Industrie 4.0 to the world and show what other companies inside and outside of Germany are doing to prepare for the future. In a recent magazine of theirs, they featured an exclusive interview with Osman Türüdü, General Manager of Festo Turkey. In this interview, he talks about the company and Turkey's future in the light of Industrie 4.0, and what each can bring to the new revolution. The original article is in German, but we have translated it for you below.

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The specialist in automatisation Festo is implementing Industry 4.0 in Turkey. The company wants to use the potential of the young generation and invest in the future. An interview with General Manager Turkey, Osman Türüdu.


Digitalisation needs first automatisation. To what extent can the Turkish manufacturing industry offer this?

Türüdü: We have to differentiate: in the fields of automotive and non-label goods we are already on a good level. In things like automated and lean processes, product design and size, the companies should be ready. Even in terms of management and human resources, there are already Turkish companies which are in a good way.  With some of them we did an evaluation using our factories in Germany, including our I 4.0 factory in Scharnhausen as a reference.  I´m quite optimistic that these companies will be the pioneers of Industry 4.0 in the country. However in the textile and chemical industry, there is still room for improvement. In these industries they are still acting rather on an Industry 3.0 level. 

In which fields do you see the most significant need for improvement?

Türüdu: On technical level we locate cyber-security as the top risk – that applies globally. In Turkey there is especially the need to improve human resources and structures of Turkish companies. On a global view the country still has one of the youngest populations. We should use this potential efficiently. As for me, education is number one priority.

How you support the implementation of Industry 4.0 in Turkey?

Türüdu: We are not politically involved, but we organize and take part in many events to this subject. One of our CEOs recently visited for an event in Turkey where we explained to 100 of our clients what we are doing regarding Industry 4.0. We communicate steadily with institutions and universities just to clarify how we can support them. We also have a didactics agency which offers 56 seminars on pneumatics, mechatronics or process automatisation. These are the basics of automatisation and an environment for digitalisation in the future. In this year we start also with seminars on I 4.0. Additionally we try to establish I 4.0 Laboratories. 

Investments in advanced technologies like I 4.0 are expensive and need to be planned on a long-term. How is the environment in Turkey regarding this challenge?

Türüdu: The change from middle- to high-tech products needs time. The question is, when this change will happen? We don`t know yet. If we would know, we would appropriately invest. But on the other hand, he who doesn´t invest at all is risking his future business. Every innovation in the Industrial field and its effects needs to be analysed separately.

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