High Potential

Why Turkey can be a rewarding business for suppliers of medical equipment


International manufacturers of medical equipment have a good chance to enter business in Turkey. The projects of the Ministry of Health and Turkish clinic operators are associated with a high demand for equipment and instruments.


As a result of rising incomes and a growing sense of health, the demand for health services is growing. This development is supported by the improvement of the health insurance system and the state benefits. Regarding to the Turkish Statistical Office (TÜIK) Health expenditures has risen since 2008 by more than 35 percent. New impulses are also coming from health tourism, which is specifically promoted by the government. By 2018, the number of health tourists traveling to Turkey for medical diagnosis and treatment is set to rise to 2.4 million people a year. That’s an ambitious goal if one compares the number of health tourists in 2013 with only about 188.295 people.


Resistant to crises, stable in growth


As a result of this increasing demand for health services and the wide range of project activities, there is a considerable need for hospital equipment and medical-technical equipment and instruments for diagnosis and treatment. “Our market is very resistant to crises and has a stable growth. This depends also on the large new investment projects”, mentioned Bert Bendler, CEO Turkey of B. Braun in an Interview with the magazine OstContact. The Medical Equipment Concern is doing Business since 35 years in Turkey.


All Together, Turkey offers impulses for a long-term growth of the healthcare Industry. Vendors don’t need to fear fast market saturation. The supply of Hospital beds compared to the population is still far below the EU level. It will take years before this backlog of the medical infrastructure is caught up. In addition, Turkey offers further strategic advantages for investors. Since the country is located at a strategically significant geographical point between Europe Asia and Africa it can be used as a Ticket to other markets. The specialist for hygienic wall coating, Rohde serves the Middle East as well as parts of Eastern Europe and Africa through third-party markets using its Turkish Business. "This is how we can achieve multiplier effects," said Karl-Heinz Rohde founder and managing director of the medium-sized Bavarian company recently in an interview with OstContact.

“Suppliers of medical equipment just have to enter the Turkish market”, so Aslı Irengün Erden, Managing Director at B. Braun Medical (OstContact). Yes, the market environment is particularly difficult for newcomers especially because of the weak currency. However, investments can prove to be worthwhile in the medium and long term. The sales market for medical technology in Turkey will continue to grow in the future - a chance that International manufacturers of medical equipment should take.

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