Innovation from Collaboration

PricewaterhouseCoopers AG recently conducted their 20th CEO Survey, collecting responses from 1,379 CEOs all around the world. What their results show is that more than half of them say that the nature of competition in their industry will be largely impacted by the technology that is available to them. Additionally, nearly a quarter have said that innovation has become their top priority in the near future.


The author of the article Collaboration for innovation: Why technology alone isn’t enough, Vicki Huff Eckert of PwC, speaks about this survey and shares her experiences from more than 20 years in Silicon Valley. She claims that from her experience and the results from the study, that already 86% of CEOs are identifying that collaboration is a very important skill when innovating and keeping up competiveness.


In her words:

“Without collaboration and the cross-disciplinary fertilization that it enables, it’s difficult to generate radically new ideas. Without challenges from outside your domain, it’s too easy to get stuck in the same boxes. Without outsiders to test your preconceptions and push you to defend your more outrageous ideas, it’s hard to develop inspiration into true innovation.”



Obviously collaboration is now becoming all the more important to organizations wanting to stay up-to-date and remain competitive in an ever more connected world. This is why we at the GSC have recognized through hosting our many events and speaking personally to CEOs of innovative international manufacturing companies. Therefore we took the initiative and developed the world’s first smart B2B matching application for mobile devices.


Our application, named allymatch, was created with the goal of connecting innovative manufacturing companies together in an intuitive manner, greatly reducing the time and cost of finding the right business partners for you organization to succeed. The application was built with all kinds of international organizations in mind, whether you are a company looking for a research institute to work on a new product, or an Economic Development Organization searching for new foreign business to inject into your region, allymatch has you covered.


If you are interested in seeing how your organization can succeed in an international setting with the help of our application, then be sure to visit our website and register now.

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Date: 3/23/17