Interview with Canan Özsoy, President and CEO of GE Turkey

Check out an excerpt from from the interview we made with Canan Özsoy, President and CEO of General Electric Turkey about GE´s efforts to become the world's first Digital Industrial company. Ms. Özsoy will be sharing her expertise as a speaker at the II. Turkish-German Innovation Summit in Istanbul in March 2017, so be sure not to miss the event Please enjoy the interview and find out more about the upcoming Summit here.


GSC: Ms. Özsoy, at the upcoming 2. Turkish-German Summit in Istanbul, you will be holding a panel session titled "Manufacturing is going digital -Industrie 4.0". In this session, you will be discussing how Industrie 4.0 is driving innovation in manufacturing companies, and also about opportunities for firms in the German and Turkish technology sectors. Being that you are of Turkish decent and you have lived and worked all over the world, could you tell us what Turkey has to offer the world in light of Industrie 4.0?


Canan Özsoy: Turkey is significant center of manufacturing in its own region. Today, we preserve our competitiveness for both quality and cost. We have advantages compare to the rivals in Asia and Europe. On the other hand, we plan and think about the next 3-5 year but today. Sustaining operational efficiency should be pivotal to improve Turkey's existing production capability and enhancing competitiveness.


In Turkish manufacturing companies, the awareness about the need of digital transformation is increasing but now actions are becoming significant. The company should start the transformation with a part and increase it. Industrial companies challenge to cut production time, cost pressure and demand for tailored products. Therefore, Turkish companies should provide faster, more secure and more efficient operations to their customers. 


This year, GE chose Turkey's Gebze facility as one of the first ten sites for its 'brilliant factory' investment, furthering GE's journey to become the world's largest digital industrial company. The Gebze site will become the first in the region to embrace manufacturing digitization, using sensor-enabled equipment to communicate real-time information through the Industrial Internet. Design, engineering, supply chain and service networks are linked to achieve optimum production in a "Brilliant Factory".  By transforming GE's Power Transformers factory into a brilliant facility, the site forecasts a 25 percent improvement in production time, 20 percent improvement in inventory management, 3 percent increase in production efficiency and 5 percent increase in delivery time. A total increase in efficiency is forecasted to reach up to 30 percent in the following years. This facility will be best practice for other factories in Turkey.


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