Introducing our Advisory Board

For our Turkish-German Innovation Summit, we have assembled an Advisory Board consisting of various groups and organizations who have demonstrated a commitment to innovation, internationalization and fostering the growth of sustainable businesses. The members of the Advisory Board play a crucial role in ensuring our summit will be a success and will lead to positive developments in German-Turkish R&D cooperation. We thank them for their commitment to this event.


In a series of blog posts, we would like to introduce you to our Advisory Board members and give you a chance to learn more about them and their work. The first member we would like to introduce is from the Eskişehir Chamber of Industry. In addition to being a major economic hub in Turkey, the province of Eskişehir is also a partner to the city of Frankfurt. We are excited to help bring these two places closer together!


About Eskişehir Chamber of Industry


Eskişehir Chamber of Industry (ECI) was founded in 1968 and is a professional non-governmental organization. ECI was established with the objectives of accelerating industrialization and dealing with the problems of the industry in the region. ECI is focused on assisting its members, both SME´s and large enterprises, in improving their competitiveness and profitability. The Chamber plays an important role in the Eskişehir region’s economic development and business arena.


ECI has almost 800 members from various sectors such as machinery production, metal goods, white goods, aviation, rail systems, ready wear and food industries. The total exports of the members amounted to 2.2 billion USD in 2013, their turnover is approximately 7 billion USD and the total work force is around 45.000 people. Eskişehir Organized Industrial Zone, a subsidiary of ECI, is the Turkey’s largest Organized Industrial Zone with an area of 32 million square meters. Currently, 550 manufacturers are registered in the zone.


As the Eskişehir is one of the most important and developed provinces in Turkey, ECI has a fundamental position for the region to contribute to the reputation as an attractive destination to work and start new businesses. The Chamber activities and services aim to help companies establish contacts and develop business opportunities inside or outside Turkey, of course for the local and public benefits.


ECI’s Support of Innovation


In order to establish an innovation-oriented economy in a region, three main items are required: qualified and entrepreneurial manpower, an environment enabling the generation and dissemination of new ideas, and mechanisms supporting the innovation and access facilities to the capital. At this point, institutions like Chambers assume the facilitative and catalytic roles; they invest in human resources, research, technology development and innovation; and they encourage such investments. At this point, our Chamber enhances regional awareness on innovation in order to promote and foster the initiatives of the companies in this subject, to provide expert support in finding solutions to problems companies are faced with from finance to production, and by these means to increase competitiveness in the global markets. 


Under this main objective, Eskisehir Chamber of Industry provides services and facilities such as Technology Awards, Science Park, Technology Development Area, Vocational Training Centers, Innovation Capacity Building Projects, R&D Project Brokerage Events, Project Fairs, trainings and seminars.


Why does ECI Support the Turkish-German Innovation Summit?


Innovation is a highly important factor for both companies and as well as countries to be viable economic players both in the present and the future and yet it is a complex process. In this context, ECI supports the Turkish-German Innovation Summit in order to increase the awareness of innovation, as this is an area where growth continues to be needed,  and in order to create synergy between Turkish and German economic actors to improve the dialog in terms of innovation, technology and investment opportunities.

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