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India is catching the attention of international investors as an attractive nation for growth and innovation. Characterized by its flexibility and promising open mindset, India is setting itself as a exciting global partner. Today the country has emerged as a top Foreign Direct Investment destination. Innovation and development conscientiousness are also on the rise. From the Prime Minister's call for a "Decade of Innovation", to the efforts of the Indian government's "Make in India", and the drive of entrepreneurs, innovation is the name of the game. In this issue, we explore India further.

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India - a Dynamic and Global Partner

India is known as an emerging and exciting place to conduct business, drawing the world's attention...


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First-hand Information


Mr. Raveesh Kumar, the Consul General of India in Frankfurt, speaks with us on how India is ushering in a new age of Investment Potential. Read the complete Interview below.


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Best-Practice Interview


"For India we anticipate continued growth over the next few years." Mr. Siegfried Schabel, CEO of MEC Group (Messer Group)


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From Red Tape to Red Carpet


The initiative "Make in India" was launched in September 2014 by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to encourage both international and domestic companies to manufacture in India.


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All systems go - Investing in India


Invest India takes charge of promoting and facilitating Investments to India. Mrs. Issar-Ernst, Senior Director at the FICCI gives us her insights about the venture's favorable prospects.


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Hessian Delegation Visits India


Global is the new Local. Hessian and Indian Business Interests Converge and Explore new Opportunities when the Hessian delegation Visits India.


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Welcome to Frankfurt, CG Mustafa Çelik!


We give a warm welcome to the new Turkish Consul General Mustafa Çelik and look forward to furthering the German-Turkish Relationship!


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Cultural Corner


How well do you know India? Take our Intercultural quiz to find out.


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Market News


Looking for more news concerning global markets? Our concise news offers a peek into global markets. Here's a couple of articles that may spark your interest!


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Our Picks for learning more about India from various perspectives. Get to know India through a variety of books- from Cultural to economic.


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"After the conversations about Indian philosophy, some of the ideas of Quantum Physics that had seemed so crazy suddenly made much more sense." ― Werner Heisenberg


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