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We are happy to announce that we are launching allymatch, the world's first smart B2B matching app, at Hannover Messe on April 23rd. The future of B2B matching is set to get a whole lot smarter. Allymatch will make expensive and ineffective matching events a thing of the past, as innovative companies will be able to connect with potential R&D and investment partners, suppliers, buyers and service providers with the swipe of a finger.


The app makes potential B2B matches in a simple, but intelligent way. Profiles and product information are confidential, and cannot be seen by users unless they are matched. Company name and user details will only be displayed when the match is accepted by both. We are excited at the prospect of what businesses will be able to achieve with this platform.


Are you visiting the Hannover Messe? Don't miss the chance to download allymatch4events, for free, to get matched with other exhibitors easily and communicate with them with the chat functionality of the app.


After working on allymatch as a side project, with much help from our beta testers giving us support and feedback, we're proud to annouce the official spin-off of allymatch.


We hope that you enjoy learning more about allymatch and join us on our exciting journey to change the B2B world.  

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Işınay Kemmler
Founder & CEO




The Use of Mobile Devices for Business is On the Rise


According to Google/Millward Brown Digital's B2B Path to Purchase Study, 42% of researchers use a mobile device during the B2B purchasing process. As a result, we're seeing a 3X growth in mobile queries.


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allymatch launching at Hannover Messe


On April 23, allymatch will officially be launching during Hannover Messe, the leading trade show for Industrial 4.0 - Come find us to see what it's all about. Not registered yet?


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finding partners instantly.


The future of B2B matchings has never looked brighter. Now the new smart app can match you with quality, relevant business partners from the comfort of your own smart phone.


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A Better Way to Match


Interested in learning more about how it works?


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allymatch Presenting at Science Square


GSC's very own CEO, Isinay Kemmler, will be speaking at Science Square during Hannover Messe about how allymatch can help you find business partners globally.


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Did you know?


64% of all B2B final decisions were made by Top employees, and these same employees have some level of influence in B2B transactions in 98% of the cases.


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"The top principle for disruptive and sustaining innovation is that it has to have a laser focus on customers. Innovation begins with their needs and expectations."  -Denise Morrison


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Our Picks for learning more about the industry from various perspectives. Here's a few books we have hand selected.




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