Source: Global Manufacturing Outlook, Forbes, 2016


Companies worldwide are looking for sophisticated partnerships, particularly manufacturers who are making big moves to achieve growth; entering new geographic markets or sectors and changing the range of the products and services they offer. Currently, this trend is even increasing through various market challenges (digitalization, shift of manufacturing to emerging markets). According to the Manufacturing Outlook of Forbes 2016 there are mainly two growth priorities of the manufacturers: Mergers and acquisitions of other organizations (40 % predominantly, 39 % to some extent) and organic investments including increase in R&D (61% predominantly and 34% to some extent).


Source: Global Manufacturing Outlook, Forbes, 2016


The amount of manufacturing companies entering into new geographic markets has increased significantly over the past 12-24 months and will continue to increase into the future.


Source: B2B Path to Purchase, Google and Millward Brown Digital


In the study "B2B Path to Purchase" made by Google and Millward Brown Digital, the results showed that 64% of all B2B final decisions were made by Top employees so called C-Suite, and these same employees have some level of influence in B2B transactions in 98% of the cases.
It is vital for companies nowadays to be able to reach the right person in the right company in the most cost and time effective way possible.




Did you know that, on average, B2B influencers do 12 searches before visiting a specific brand site? About 71% of the companies start on a generic query, so they're looking for product first, not for you. What we thought was kind of the traditional purchasing methodology through relationships is actually happening online, so companies have to be well prepared to present their services to potential customers earlier and articulate it in a much simpler manner.Companies can´t afford to keep wasting so many resources in finding the right B2B partner, they need a way to do their searches for B2B partners in a faster and more cost-effective way, they also need to make sure they will be found by other companies in the same convenient way.