Winner in Category Joint Venture Manufactur




Winner in the category "Joint Venture Manufacturing"

EMF Motors

Congratulations to EMF Motors, our winner of the Turkish German Innovation Award in the "Joint Venture Manufacturing" category. The successful company is a result of the partnership between the German company EMF-Worms and the Turkish entrepreneur family Kayakıran. The cooperation began in 2005. The company EMF97 from Worms at that time sought in vain for an investor in Germany to develop a new engine.

By using a completely new principle, the engine should get by without mechanical transmissions. This would make the motor more efficient, more dynamic, economical in energy consumption and low maintenance. The Turkish entrepreneur Hasan Basri Kayakiran, who by chance learned about the new technology, recognized the potential and jumped immediately as an investor. Together, the new partners successfully implemented the vision. Today, the much more efficient EMF engine can replace traditional engines with mechanical transmissions. It is in particular used for elevator systems.

EMF Motors is a success story of German-Turkish cooperation. An example that shows how bilateral cooperation between the two countries can produce great innovations. For its courageous cooperation and innovation, EMF Motors was therefore awarded the German-Turkish Innovation Award. We wish you success in your cooperation in the years to come.