Winner in Category Startup Turkey




Winner in the category "Startup Turkey"


Congratulations to Evreka our winner of the Turkish German Innovation Award in the "Startup Turkey" category. The company from Ankara won over the jury with Smart Waste Collection System which make the work of disposal companies more efficient and predictable.

Wireless sensors can measure the garbage bin fill level instantaneously and send this information to a cloud. This collected information from all over the city is processed to get the efficient daily collection routes. These daily routes are transferred to the navigation devices of the waste collection trucks. In doing so, drivers can follow the efficient routes and stop for only necessary locations. This saves time, energy and decreases CO2 emission and waste collection costs.

For this innovative Idea which can save the environment as well as improve the productivity Evreka receives the German-Turkish-Innovation Award. We wish you success in future innovative eneavors.